The Water Cycle

We have been learning about the water cycle in Geography this week. We have learned about the ‘tion’ words – precipitation, condensation and evaporation. We have set up our own in- class experiment and are really hoping for some sunnier, warmer days so we can see the water cycle in front of our eyes!

Year 4 Arts Celebration

On Thursday, we took part in our Year 4 art celebration. It was a culmination of all our artistic endeavours this academic year. We had a wide variety of performances from some excellent singing by 4C and 4H as well as some loud samba from 4A. We also showcased our amazing dances that we worked on with Miss Patchett. The second half saw us take in some spectacular dances from a professional troupe who performed pieces inspired by Southern India. We then took centre stage performing our brilliant pieces we have worked on as part of our Beat, Bones and Bodies sessions. The night ended with a mass dance with all the children performing a final piece that closed the curtain on a fabulous night. The children were so impressive and performed with such confidence showcasing their individual talents. 

Mrs Stott summed it up, “A truly exceptional evening of excellence, confidence, pride, utter joy and definite flourishing.’

World book day- spoons and map making!

Wow- we were blown away by all of the entries in the wooden spoon competition! There are over 200 on display in the library and the winners from each class will be announced next Friday. In our class we had Hermione, a dragon and a tiger among many more.

We also looked at fantasy land maps that feature in lots of books e.g. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and created our own.

VR Blue Planet and Y4 Arts Show

We had a very exciting afternoon exploring the depths of the Ocean through Virtual Reality! The children saw turtles, sharks and fish and learned facts about each creature.

Also, our Year 4 arts show is on Thursday 7th March from 5-7pm. Please sign up on Parent Pay if you haven’t already. We are so excited to perform and welcome professional dancers to our school!

Moortown library

Today we went on a short walk down to Moortown library and learned all about the books that were available there, how to request books they might have in and how to get a library card. The children were really excited by the range of books they had there and couldn’t believe that a library card and loaning the books is completely free!

How can we help birds thrive?

This week, 4C researched some of the birds that can be found around the school grounds so that we can better understand them and find ways to help them thrive. Click on the picture to see it more closely.

E- safety day

Today was our e- safety so we have been learning about how to stay safe online and about famous people who work in computing! Have you shown your adults ‘interland’ yet- would they pass the online safety test?

A sneak peek at our arts fortnight dance/ drama

We have been continuing our ‘Free to be me’ arts fortnight based around our identity and looking at the book ‘Voices in the park’. We have been practising our dance, song and drama for our celebration next week!

We have also been looking at faces and ways we can make faces with everyday objects. This is a more abstract way of looking at faces compared to the watercolours we painted ear,Uber in the week. We are very excited to show off our art.