British library journeys workshop with authors SF Said and Viviane Schwarz

Today, the children took part in a writing workshop by the British library about ‘journeys’ and how they could create their very own journey story! They looked at the means of transport (as creative as possible, portals and the destination of travel. We were blown away by their imaginative creations and hope that some of them can be made into full stories.

Countryside days

We had a brilliant day at countryside days in Harrogate on Tuesday! The children attended workshops including; wool workshops, art from nature, walking in the countryside and a mobile farm. They also saw some alpacas, ferrets and sheepdog!

Viking workshop

Starting off our Anglo-Saxons unit, we had a Viking day today! The children learned about Viking raids, the weapons that vikings used and even some Norse language. They then designed and started making Viking purses as part of our DT for this half term.

Young leaders – giraffe challenge

As part of our work on being young leaders, 4C put their leadership skills to the test. They were challenged to build the tallest giraffe and team leaders had to encourage and lead their teams to try and engineer one that would stand up. Team leader Bobby was great at listening to others, Aaliyah was very calm throughout, Celia and Alice were good at delegating, Joseph had his whole team on- task and Zaim offered his team lots of suggestions.

Villains come to 4C

This week we have been looking at Villains in our character description writing unit. Today we acted out our Villain scene and thought about the lighting, atmosphere around the table and the kinds of noises the characters would be hearing.

Hot write gallery – deep sea creatures

We finished off our information text units this week by doing our hot write about our deep sea creature. We then showed off our work to the rest of the class by going around and reading other people’s. The children were extremely proud of their writing and so they should be! Congratulations to the children who have earned their pen licences this week too.


This half term the theme is journeys and we are looking at orientating ourselves in the world. This starts with map reading skills and looking at where we are in the globe. We have been learning about the Northern and Southern Hemisphere and where the equator is. Can you find how many countries the equator goes through?