Year 4 Arts Celebration

On Thursday, we took part in our Year 4 art celebration. It was a culmination of all our artistic endeavours this academic year. We had a wide variety of performances from some excellent singing by 4C and 4H as well as some loud samba from 4A. We also showcased our amazing dances that we worked on with Miss Patchett. The second half saw us take in some spectacular dances from a professional troupe who performed pieces inspired by Southern India. We then took centre stage performing our brilliant pieces we have worked on as part of our Beat, Bones and Bodies sessions. The night ended with a mass dance with all the children performing a final piece that closed the curtain on a fabulous night. The children were so impressive and performed with such confidence showcasing their individual talents. 

Mrs Stott summed it up, “A truly exceptional evening of excellence, confidence, pride, utter joy and definite flourishing.’

One thought on “Year 4 Arts Celebration

  1. Truly exceptional work undertaken by Y4 and with real commitment from the staff and pupils alike. I’m delighted its been captured in this film. Well done everyone!

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